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About Gibraltar

Gibraltar has been a British Colony since the 18th century and is a highly sought after location on the southern tip of Europe that has a border with Spain. Due to its tax advantages it is also attractive to wealthy individuals and corporate entities.

Gibraltar is regarded as one of the top financial centres in Europe and is exhibiting growth trends in a number of different areas. The Rock has also become the home address to the world’s leading online gaming companies.

Furthermore, Gibraltar has recently been classified as the fifth best location to relocate to or invest in, as it benefits from a very resilient property market, stable and growing economy, attractive property prices, as well as year round sunshine, great beaches and attractive marinas and is regarded as a piece of Britain in the sun, with the added advantage of having southern Spain on it’s doorstep.

The Rock of Gibraltar stands guard at the entrance of the Mediterranean. Its strategic location has focused a continuous struggle for power over its history, making it an international symbol of solidity and strength and frequently featured very positively in the world press and media. Locals have welcomed a blend of cultures over the years creating a unique cosmopolitan community that live in an extremely safe and friendly environment.


• Languages: English and Spanish
• Population:
• Currency:
• Area: 8 km2 (5.8 sq miles)
• Political System:

Although a mixture of English and Spanish is spoken in casual conversation. This local “dialect” is referred to as "Llanito".



Summer is dry and warm with an average of 10.5 hours of sunshine per day and the mean temperature for August is 24.3 C. In winter the weather alternates from fine to wet, although having said that only 30% of days in Gibraltar can be classified as “wet”. The mean temperature for January is 13.5 C and the presence of our infamous “levanter cloud” is governed by local winds that blow through the straits from an easterly or westerly direction, known as “levanter or poniente”.



Gibraltar is a unique jurisdiction for the promotion of Financial Services. It has a common law legal system, highly developed professional infrastructure, first class regulation and access to the EU single market in financial services.

As the only British international financial centre within the EU, Gibraltar has a common law framework, a highly educated workforce and UK trained professionals in all fields. It is renowned as one of the best regulated finance centres in the world and can boast of a solid economy. In a modern Europe, this has its base in Offshore finance, shipping, tourism and the internet rather than its military past.


Gibraltar’s rich military history gave it its 100 Ton Gun and some impressive Great Siege and World War II tunnels. Its natural beauty can be enjoyed on the way up the impressive Rock on its cable car before you discover the breathtaking St Michaels cave or meet our world famous apes. Maybe its own Trinity Lighthouse or simply its duty free Main Street shopping experience ensures that millions of tourists visit Gibraltar every year.



Roman Catholicism is the religion predominantly practised in Gibraltar although religions such as other Christian faiths, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Bahai and Jehovah’s Witnesses are also common. Gibraltar should be taken as a point of reference as a prime example of how followers of different religions can live in perfect harmony.



There are 14 schools and 1 College of further Education in Gibraltar. Primary Education is free, full time and compulsory for residents between the ages of 4 and 12 years, based on age as at the beginning of the academic year. The First Schools cater for the 4 to 7 age range and the Middle schools for the 8 to 12 age range. Secondary Education is also free, full time and compulsory until the age of 15 within the 2 existing single sex comprehensive schools.

All these schools are co-educational and English is the language of instruction. All curricula are governed by the National Curriculum Regulations, which closely resembles the UK National Curriculum.

There are no facilities in Gibraltar for full time higher education and hence the Government of Gibraltar operates a scholarship / grant system to provide funding for students studying in Britain.

Nursery Schools
St Bernards Nursery - Tel 00 350 20075978
Varyl Begg Nursery - Tel 00 350 20071567

First Schools
Governor's Meadow First School - Tel 00 350 20075772
Notre Dame First School - Tel 00 350 20075182
St Bernard's First School - Tel 00 350 20078888
St Joseph's First School - Tel 00 350 20078515
St Mary's First School - Tel 00 350 20075946

Middle Schools
Bishop Fitzgerlad Middle School - Tel 00 350 20077162
Sacred Heart Middle School - Tel 00 350 20073863
St Anne's Middle School - Tel 00 350 20077161
St Joseph's Middle School - Tel 00 350 20075615

Secondary Schools
Bayside Secondary School (Boys) - Tel 00 350 20074525
Westside Secondary School (Girls) - Tel 00 350 20074300

College of Further Education
College of Further Education - Tel 00 350 20071048

Special Schools

St Martins Special School & Development Centre -Tel 00 350 20078704



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